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Walking comes naturally to mankind and is the best possible exercise for both physical and mental well being. On an average, a moderately active person takes about 7500 steps per day that sums up to 108131 miles he/she walks during their entire lifetime. Since walking is such an important activity in one's daily life, why not walk for a cause?

Walk the cause is an app developed by BMS Innolabs, which will help you make a real impact on causes you care about. We also hope it can be used as an instrument to spread awareness and for Walkers to introduce their loved ones to the causes they feel most passionately about. We wish to spearhead this campaign to make an impact on a global scale.

Why Walk the Cause?

People today are aware of the social causes and are concerned too, but have no idea how to contribute or have the time to look into them. The idea is to create awareness and help them to do their bit for various social causes or the ones they are interested in. Statistics on how many steps have been taken so far by the users for a particular cause will be gathered. This data is then used to showcase the leaders among users from around the world. With just a simple app downloaded onto your smart phones, you can be part of a global movement, like minded people just like you walking towards a cause lead a healthier and content lifestyle. Walk the cause is about bringing the community together and inspiring the feeling of oneness among the people. The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems. Walk the cause is ultimately an exploration of those questions that truly matter in life

Prevent Animal Cruelty
5 Countries |  763 People |  56464563 Steps
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